Sharp vs blunt

The blunt nipple cutter.

This cutter is designed to reduce the diameter of the plug inserted into the bow butt end to one of three dimensions. 5.0 mm. 5.5 mm and 6.0 mm. It surrounds the plug and accurately shaves a new nipple in the size demanded by the bow. An 8.0 mm often used in bass bows is also available from our website.

Once this cutter reaches the bow shaft, it cleans any glue or existing residue, showing the end of the shaft without shortening its length.

It is not designed to cut a new nipple in a newly made bow, although some say it will work (with patience). A sharp nipple cutter can be ordered by contacting us. We will sharpen the cutter you normally use. If you only need sharp cutters, return any you would like sharp, we will do that without cost.

The blunt cutter